It is an auxiliary science of history which studies metal coins from the very old ones which were used for example in Ancient Rome, to the ones used in the present. Those who are knowledgeable in this field can turn the knowledge into significant earnings.

Investment items which are a part of numismatics:

  • Coins
  • Medals
  • Emergency coins

The word numismatics is derived from Latin nummus = coin. Numismatics does not studyonly the coins used in the past. It is a science of development and function of the means of payment.

From investment-collector's point of view, it is a very interesting branch of collecting inwhich we can see a lot of promising opportunities:


Svatováclavský 1. dukát, 1930, condition  0/0



Total appreciation cca. 69.000 Kč

Approximate annual increase: 104,5 % p.a

Approximate auction price in 1997: 3.000 Kč

Approximate auction price in 2019: 72.000 Kč


200 Kč 650. výročí založení praž. arcibiskupství a položení zákl. kamene ke Katedrále sv.Víta , 1994, condition PROOF


Total appreciation: 44.500 Kč

Approximate annual increase: 356,0 % p.a

Approximate auction price in 1994: 500 Kč

Approximate auction price in 2019: 45.000 Kč



2 000 Kč Románský sloh - rotunda ve Znojmě , 2001, condition PROOF

rotunda ve Znojmě PROOF A

rotunda ve Znojmě PROOF B

Total appreciation: 51.000 Kč

Approximate annual increase: 70,8 % p.a

Approximate auction price in 2001: 4.000 Kč

Approximate auction price in 2019: 55.000 Kč



5 000 Kč Gotický most v Písku , 2010, condition PROOF

Total appreciation cca: 10.000 Kč

Approximate annual increase: 7,4% p.a

Approximate auction price in 2010: 15.000 Kč

Approximate auction price in 2019: 25.000 Kč