Phaleristics is an auxiliary science of history which studies orders and medals. It is quite an unfamiliar area of investing for an inexperienced collector. However, an experienced investor can do a good business with these items.

What investment items does it include?

  • Orders
  • Honours
  • Medals
  • Badges

The word phaleristics is derived from an Ancient Greek word phalera [falera] which refers to metal decorations on the helmets of the warriors and their horses. This word was taken by the Romans and they used it in the form phalerae [falere:] which refers to the military honours. Phalera was a gold, silver, or bronze circular shaped medal with an image of god or goddess worn on the breast of these warriors.

From investment-collector's point of view, it is a very interesting branch of collecting inwhich we can see a lot of promising opportunities:

Řád Bílého lva

Řád Bílého lva, vojenská skupina, I. Třída, Stav 1, stříbro zlacené (Karnet a Kyselý)

Total appreciation: 195.000 Kč

Approximate annual increase: 177,2,% p.a

Approximate auction price in 1997: 5.000 Kč

Approximate auction price in 2019: 200.000 Kč